The Journey to Manager

A few years ago if you asked me if I would ever go into management I would have probably laughed in your face. In fact, I can clearly recall a conversation I had with one of my former managers on the topic.

Daniel: “You have leadership qualities and you’re strong technically. Do you have an idea of which path you’d like to take? Management or Technical?”

Me: “Daniel, I honestly don’t know how you put up with people’s bull sh*t all day long.”

Daniel: “So… technical.”

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I’ve come to the realization that it may be time to see what other options are out there for me in terms of employment. I’ve been at USAA for 8.5 years now (which is crazy when you say it out loud) however, at this point in my career I’m not sure this is where I should stay. The way I see it if I were to stay I have three options:

  1. Stay where I am
  2. Go into management
  3. Go into CTO (Architect).

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